Dress Code

Dress Code Prestatyn Golf Club

To maintain the standards at  Prestatyn Golf Club, members and visitors are asked to observe a good standard of dress at all times.

On the Golf Course

A smart standard of dress is expected, and whilst the wearing of tailored knee length shorts is permitted, they must be worn with either knee length socks, short socks or trainer socks.

The following items of dress are deemed unacceptable on the course:

  • Denim jeans 
  • Track suits and jogging suits
  • Combat style trousers
  • Crew or V-necked sweaters without recognised golf attire underneath
  • T-shirts and Vests
  • Football shirts
  • Other than golf shoes all other footwear.

In addition:

  • Caps must be worn with the peak forward
  • Shorts must be tailored and  be worn with socks. 
  • Shirts must not be worn outside trousers
  • Long trousers must not be tucked into socks unless wearing plus 2’s/4’s

In the Clubhouse


Unless otherwise stated, smart casual dress is permitted throughout the Clubhouse at all times except when attending or being present during an official club function (excluding competition presentations).

Casual wear includes neat and unsoiled golf wear.

The following items of dress are deemed unacceptable in the clubhouse:

  • Denim jackets 
  • Track suits and jogging suit
  • Combat style trousers
  • Vests
  • Shorts – unless tailored
  • Caps and headgear
  • Waterproof clothing
  • NOFlip Flops

Ladies – On the course and Lounge/Dining Room

All Ladies should be reasonably dressed. Tailored shorts and other unsoiled casual golf clothes may be worn on the course and in the Clubhouse. Only recognised golf shoes may be worn on the course.

The following items of clothing are not permitted to be worn on the course or in the Clubhouse.

  • Lycra jodhpurs, track suits
  • Trousers tucked inside socks

and not in the Clubhouse

  • Caps and headgear